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PC Builder

The AlphaSync PC Builder allows you to design your own ultimate gaming or high-spec PC. Simply choose the components you want and our dedicated team will hand build your new PC for you.

AlphaSync PC Builder - Design your dream gaming PC in minutes

You can design your own completely bespoke PC choosing your own components. In just a few minutes you can spec out your dream gaming PC. Our experienced team will immediately get to work and in just a few short days your PC will be delivered to your door – all ready to go right out of the box.

How to use the AlphaSync PC Builder

It’s an easy and quick step-by-step process to build your very own gaming PC. Choose from an Intel or AMD system then decide on the processor, motherboard, graphics card and other components. Just click on your chosen component from the drop down list and we’ll do the rest.

To get started firstly choose your system:

Intel Computers

AMD Computers