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AlphaSync and CORSAIR iCUE

Customise your gaming PC...
Winning has never looked so good!

For the ultimate gaming experience, AlphaSync and CORSAIR iCUE provide everything you need to dominate any world you happen to game in.

Unite your Corsair
components and devices

iCUE is the software which connects all CORSAIR iCUE compatible products together in a single interface. This gives you complete control of everything from synchronised lighting and powerful macros to system monitoring and cooling control. Customise and monitor both your internal PC components AND external gaming peripherals.

Rainbow Wave Up
Rainbow Spiral

Out in front

Create stunning co-ordinated light shows utilising your PC, Keyboard and mouse. Devise multi-layer lighting patterns and effects to take the action beyond your screen and into your own gaming room.

With our own controlled atmosphere, you’ll be hard to stop, and even harder to beat.

The highest quality components working together
to provide the experience you’ve been waiting for…

The best gaming PCs use the best
RGB lighting. That’s why AlphaSync and Corsair iCUE are the team behind your future success.

We’ve got the technology, you’ve got the desire.